I feel and release my emotions easily

Lauri Cloud
Certified Spiritual Healer
Intuitive Life Coach &
Quantum Field Guide
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I flow effortlessly through emotional issues
I am magnificently expanded
I am loved and supported by the Earth
My physical body is in perfect health
I am free of all fear in my life
I NOW live in total financial abundance
I am capable of healing the Earth
 Lauri Cloud travels around the world offering her unique understanding of the 4th Dimension in classes, seminars and retreats. Her mission is to lead in the creation of
beyond 12-21-2012

I live life intensely
I experience only the present moment
My path is effortless and free flowing
I am an expression of gentle power
My psychic energy is powerful
My psychic energy is powerful
I am an expression of compassion
I appreciate others for thier perfection
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